How to Use Constant Bids as a Property Owner

Constant Bids realizes as a property management that you have several needs for your property. Many of those needs requiring more than 1 bid and many of those final decisions taking more than a month. 

Constant Bids is designed to streamline this process. 

The service for our property owners is simple and requires only one email that reaches up to ten vendors that we will reach out to to arrive on the date and time you specify to assess the job, with the scope you provided, and submit the bid. Constant Bids will then compile all the bids, based on the deadline date needed, directly to your email so that you can make quick and efficient decisions. 

You will no longer have to research vendors, call vendors, schedule more than one appointment or follow up to receive the bids needed, thus, allowing you to fulfill more pressing needs on your property. 

We also provide vendors to quote for possible needs, such as, cleaners and painters in case you find yourself in a situation where your current vendor can no longer assist you on your property.

In addition, we can provide vendors to bid who provide services to help cut costs or provide additional income on your property, increasing your overall financial performance.

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How to use Constant Bids as a Vendor

Constant Bids works with Multifamily Communities Nationwide. We appreciate the time and energy our vendors spend submitting bids and following up in attempts to secure the job associated with that bid. 

Constant Bids streamlines the process between the vendors and the property owners, that are making the decisions, to ensure that time is not wasted on either side of the process. 

As a vendor you will receive an email and/or call from us at Constant Bids advising you of the date, time, scope of work, contact person, deadline to submit bid, general start/end date to complete work and location that you will need in order to bid on a specific job. 

It is your choice depending on your work load to attend that appointment to bid, it is not a requirement; however, those vendors that do not submit bids on a recurring basis will be removed from our vendor list. 

After you attend the appointment you will submit your bid directly to Constant Bids and they will compile all bids and submit, based on the deadline, to the property manager in charge. 

IF a final decision on the property managers side takes over a month Constant Bids will automatically resubmit the bids to the property mangers every month after confirming with you that the pricing is still the same. 

Once we have received a decision on the accepted bid we will then email the vendor with the accepted bid the contact information for the property manager to complete the job as specified and the remaining vendors will be contact to advise that their bid was not accepted. 

You will save hours of follow up by utilizing our services and will have access to all the bidding being requested in your area that is requested.

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Please note that many communities have specific requirements such as insurance, bonding and paperwork that needs to be completed prior to work being done. This will be your responsibility to ensure that you reach their standards prior to submitting a bid. 

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