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January 1st, 2019

It's official! We've entered 2019 with the same excitement and anxiety as a new parent. Constant Bids has been a goal of mine for over 3 years and to see it finally take shape because of property managers and vendors alike, has been a very rewarding experience. Most importantly seeing the changes take place to relieve some of that dreaded anxiety by creating time saving services for our Property Managers and creating excitement for our vendors as they are able to add new clients and new business to their current work loads.

As we head into the new year we wanted to share our warmest welcome to all those we currently work with and those who we have yet to get to know.

Happy New Year!!! Much Success to everyone in 2019!!!

-Constant Bids Team

I need a bid - Property Manager Edition

Janauary 5th, 2019

It seems simple enough... Your roofs are starting to get to the point where a replacement is mandatory. Residents call everytime that it rains that water is coming through....again. Every week it's a new location and well...it's time. Time to get some bids and get the work done. No problem if you only need one bid, your roofer is ready  to give you the best price and has no other jobs preventing him from getting to yours. After that dream fades the reality kicks in...

Step 1: Start Calling Roofers to come and give you a quote

Step 2: Meet with 3-5 roofers at the times they said they'd be there and walk them through the property letting them know the scope of work needed

Step 3: Call roofers who didn't show up and reschedule

Step 4: Meet with the reschedules and walk around property letting them know the scope of work needed

Step 5: Call vendors who didn't email you their bids and let them know you need them asap

Step 6: Compile bids for approval from Management Company

Step 7: Wait for their answer, while dealing with residents who are over the water issues

Step 8: After 3 months get a response from Management that they are ready to proceed and to reach out to vendors X,Y & Z for updated bids

Step 9: Reach out to vendors X,Y, & Z and wait for bids

Step 10: Get Bids & Resubmit

Step 11: Get approval

Step 12: Call Vendor and share the good news

Step 13: Start Work!!!

The process can be exhausting and time consuming for a manager who has approximately 1000 other items on the property that need to be dealt with. 

This is where we come in to streamline that process and ensure that everything for the managers is easier and less time consuming.

Step 1: Send request through www.constantbids.com what you need

Step 2: Meet with Vendors on date you selected and walk around property 

Step 3: Receive email of all bids and submit to management company

Step 4: Receive updated bids if over a month and resubmit to management company (looking like a rockstar)

Step 5: Call vendor and share approval

Step 6: Start work!!!

Give our property managers a break in 2019!!! Use our services!!! They are free for managers!!!

I need a bid - Vendor Edition

Janaury 7th, 2019

Ca Ching!!! This means that a property manager has money to spend on a project that needs to be done and they could potentially be the one vendor that gets to take on this job and create more business! But how is it for the vendors when they come to bid.

Step 1: Meet with manager and get scope of bid

Step 2: Submit Bid

Step 3-?: Email/Call for results and when work starts (this could take several times, managers busy, managers out, no answer from corporate, no decision, no answer at all

Step 4: Need an updated bid

Step 5: Submit Updated Bid

Step 6-?: Begin follow up from step 3

Step 7: Get an answer, this could be we decided not to do it, we decided to go another direction, you got the job

Step 9:;  If your lucky you Start work!!!

Although it appears there aren't as many steps many times step 3 turns into step 3 & 6 can end up being 5-20 follow ups and the endless follow up deter many from sticking it out to the end because of other jobs and other daily tasks within their current business. This could mean $1000's of dollars of work lost because of "the process".

Again, we are here to streamline that process...

Step 1: Receive an email with scope, date, time and place of bid

Step 2: Submit bid directly to Constant Bids

Step 3: Receive email with updates once a week

Step 4: Receive email to submit updated bids if needed once a month

Step 5: Receive approved bid or denied bid when decision is made

Step 6: Wait for next email to bid on new job and/or Start Work!!!

Keep up the great work in 2019!!! Let us do the busy work!!!