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Congratulations! You have made the decision to become a preferred vendor with Constant Bids. In an effort to make sure that our vendors are committed to the level of service Constant Bids would like to deliver to our Property Managers the following contract must be submitted.


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Acceptance of Contract Terms And Conditions

Please read Terms and Conditions in full before accepting

Must be on the first of month
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Select one or all of the quadrants that you would like to receive bids for. Cost is $99/month per Quadrant. (Ex. 3 Quadrants Is $297/month)
Terms and Conditions Agreement*
Contract Terms and Conditions: Vendor is any company under contract with Constant Bids. All information received by vendor through this contract is confidential and will not be shared outside of Constant Bids, except for the intended purpose of business. The submitting vendor acknowledges that this contract is for permission to receive potential bid requests via email and that it is the responsibility of the vendor providing the information to keep email information up to date and submit to Constant Bids if there are any changes. Vendor also understands that this allows Constant Bids representative(s) to list their company with the website link submitted online to send to property management companies, property managers and leasing consultants. Vendors understand that every bid request will be emailed and no additional contact will be made to attend. Vendor understands to check emails regularly. You will receive the date, time, location, scope of work, person reviewing bid, submission date and specific instructions (gate codes, alternative dates if weather is bad, etc). Manager will receive a list of approved vendors and their vendor ID#’s. Only these vendors will be allowed to join meeting regarding bid. Do not share bid request information with other companies as it will cancel your contract with us with no potential to renew. Vendor understands that, as in any marketing agreement, there are no guarantees to increase client business through this service. We can guarantee that we only reach out to vendors that are relevant for our managers. Ex… 100% of our managers work at properties with roofs, plumbing, parking lots, walls, appliances, staff, etc.! We need roofers, plumbers, asphalt workers, painters, appliance replacement companies, staffing agencies, etc. Vendor understands that at no time is there an option for exclusivity under any category of business. Vendor understands that you have the option to choose one of six quadrants for work based on the territory you serve. Quadrant lines may change based on the saturation of new communities. You can add additional quadrants or add to the waitlist at anytime. Contact [email protected] for current pricing. Vendor understands that Constant Bids representative(s) will market Constant Bids website in order to achieve maximum exposure for bid requests. Vendor understands that invoices will be electronically delivered via email provided by vendor and any payments not received by the end of the month will automatically cancel contract. Vendor understands that if a contract is cancelled for non payment there will be a 6 month waiting period to be added onto the waitlist or reactivated as a Constant Bids Vendor. Vendor understand that if their category is currently full they will be placed on the waitlist at no charge. Waitlisted vendors will not receive bid requests; however, if an active vendor does not pay, or does not participate waitlist vendors will be contacted in the order of the waitlist. It is best to get on waitlist as quickly as possible. Vendors on waitlist have 48 hours once contacted to confirm their activation. Waitlist vendors have the option to submit an “activation fee” upon getting added to waitlist with a payment of $150 to automatically activate their participation if an opening arises. Remaining payment will be requested at the time of activation if needed and is due within 30 days. Vendors that do not receive an option to activate will receive the activation fee mailed back after 180 days or will be given the option to continue to hold for an additional 180 days. Vendor understands that continuous and consistent exposure is key to maximum exposure and understands there is no circumstance, including reasons such as business closure or owner death, where any payments made will be refunded during the time as an active vendor, regardless if no bid requests were received during that time, as we do not guarantee there will be requests from managers. Vendor understands that payments must be received the last day of the month prior to the month of potential bid requests. Example Nov 30th payment will activate bids for January 1st. Payments must be mailed according to emailed invoice sent and received by Nov 30th, postmark dates are not accepted as a received by date. Brand new vendors and vendors activating off of the waitlist will activate for the following month; however, payments must be made for the month following as well. Example; current date 11/15, start date 12/1. Payment for Dec and Jan must be made by 11/30. After initial start all payments must be made as stated above. Vendor understands that Constant Bids will remove links to vendor website within 24 hours of non-payment. Vendor understands that Constant Bids does not represent client’s company and may, at any time, deem contract null and void, if any reports of vendor involvement with inappropriate dealings in client business, are brought to Constant Bids attention. Vendor understands that is their responsibility to contact Windy Vallejos at [email protected] , if there are any issues with payment or receipt of bid requests and/or questions regarding bid requests. Vendor understands that Constant Bids is the only one to contact property managers regarding bid requests. Vendor understands that if there are questions and/or inability to attend on the date requested they are to contact Constant Bids directly not the manager requesting bids. Vendor understands that all bids are to be submitted to Constant Bids at [email protected] by the date of submission. Failure to provide the bid by the date requested will exclude vendor from the bidding process on that request. Vendor understands that they are not to reach out to managers to discuss the benefits of their bid before, during or after submissions. Managers WILL reach out directly if they have questions. Vendor understands that they will be able to resubmit an updated bid each month until the manager has made a decision regarding work. Constant Bids will email with submit by dates. Vendor understands that they will be contacted directly by manager of community if bid is accepted. Remaining vendors who submitted bids will receive an email that a decision was made and that the bid process on that job is now closed. Vendor understands that Constant Bids reserve the right to dissolve or renew at a varying contract rate with a 30 day notice. Vendors wishing to lock in rates must contact Windy Vallejos at [email protected] in writing and provide payment in full for the term of the rate requested. It is Constant Bids discretion to approve or deny rate requests. Vendor understands that at no time can requests for bids from Constant Bids be shared with any other vendor or company. Vendor understands they will need to provide their vendor ID # at every location prior to meeting. Vendor understands that this contract will cancel after 3 non submissions of bids. A non submission would be not attending at the date and time of request or not submitting a bid by the date of submission after attending a request. Contract will also cancel if terms or conditions are violated. Vendors understand that contract will remain in place as long as invoices are paid per terms. Vendor understands that Constant Bids also offers optional bids throughout the year for our vendors that offer services in which managers utilize on a daily or monthly basis. These offers allow to submit offers that managers can consider for their properties outside of manager requests. Cleaners, Staffing Solutions, Vending Machines, Resident Retention Programs, Valet Trash, Etc. Vendors understand that although we ask that you do not contact property managers directly regarding bids we do encourage vendors to mail or email information regarding your business to any property of your choice to provide a continued relationship with managers and we do not discourage managers to reach out to vendors personally if needed. We email our managers a preferred vendor directory every Monday to keep you at top of mind. Vendors understand that we will offer the opportunity to host functions throughout the year to invite managers to. Please watch your emails for details to extend your relationships with our community managers. Vendor understands by hitting I Agree below that they are entering into the terms and conditions above and are agreeing to have an invoice emailed for Constant Bids Services.
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Thank you! Your message was successfully received. You will receive your invoice via mail within 7-10 days. Payments must be submitted by the date notated on the invoice in order to begin receiving bids from property managers in your quadrant. If you have any questions please call Windy Vallejos at 980-293-5242 or email at [email protected] Thank you for becoming one of our preferred vendors!!! We look forward to working with you and watching your business grow!!!