What our Services Include (Property Managers)

Constant Bids is designed to streamline the process between the vendors and property managers to increase profitability in your portfolio. 
We do this by ensuring that every step of the process is simple and efficient on all sides of the process. Below is the order in which our services work...
  • Property Manager/Owner (PM/O) Emails Constant Bids for a Quote or Bid per a property need (use this link to send email)
  • Email is received by Constant Bids and vendors are secured based on date and time PM/O requests
  • Email is sent to PM/O from Constant Bids to advise what vendors will arrive on date of bid request
  • Text/Email is sent out to Vendors by Constant Bids 1 day and 1 hour before bid time to ensure arrival
  • Email is sent to PM/O after bid time to confirm arrival of vendors
  • Email and Phone Calls are completed to Vendors by Constant Bids to request submission of Bids/Quotes by defined date from PM/O
  • Email is sent to PM/O of ALL received Bids/Quotes from vendors on date of request submitted in original email
  • Email is sent to PM/O weekly to receive updates on Bids/Quotes (decision made, still pending, no longer proceeding with project)
  • Email is sent to Vendors weekly to update on PM/O decision to ensure calls are not coming to property
  • Email is sent to Vendors monthly to update quotes/bids that are still pending on property)
  • Email of updated bids/quotes are submitted to PM/O monthly on pending projects
  • Cycle repeats on new and pending projects for quotes/bids

Common Questions

What is the difference between a quote and a bid?

   A quote can be received without a meeting with a PM/O such as cost of carpet cleaning or eviction lawyer fees

   A bid requires a visit with PM/O or Maintenance Supervisor in order to quote a price, such as, new roofs or retaining walls

How many quotes/bids can I request?

   When you purchase the year package we include unlimited bids/quotes; however, we do require a certain closing ratio for our vendors

Can we request certain vendors?

   Yes! We encourage properties to request vendors that they have used in the past to quote/bid, especially when you have a good working         relationship with them currently.

Can we purchase 1 month or pay monthly?

   Yes! Although, a monthly package does not include updated bids for the following month it is a good option for those looking to see how the service works for their property and/or if you have an upcoming acquisition and need some general costs that may be associated with the purchase of said property. 

Do you guarantee a certain number of bids/quotes?

   Unfortunately we do not work for the vendors we request to come to your property. We can guarantee we will make enough requests to         ensure that you should have adequate vendors on the date requests; however, we cannot guarantee arrivals and/or submissions of               bids/quotes. Some of this may be determined by prior work relationships with properties that we may not be aware of.

What if the PM/O doesn't show up to a Bid request?

    We always ask that if you are aware you will not be able to attend the date you requested that you let us know 24 hours prior; however, if we

    hear from vendors that no one arrived at the property then we will require a $25 no show fee that must be paid prior to another request       being made. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

How do we know Constant Bids representatives will work well with PM/O's?

Everyone that works with Constant Bids has 10 years or more Property Management experience and understands both sides of the process and the urgency behind each request that is submitted. Our goal is to alleviate the number of calls, visits and follow ups required to and from vendors so that the PM/O can attend to the multitude of tasks required by residents and staff to ensure your portfolios best product. 

How will our PM/O and staff know how to use Constant Bids?

We offer on-boarding to every new PM/O and leasing staff. We review the process, as well as, what to say to vendors that come to visit the property and/or call to speak to the properties about their services to ensure that the vendors will be contacted at the appropriate times when needed but are not absorbing precious time from staff. 

How will I, as an owner, know if Constant Bids is worth our investment?

Every property will have different results. Properties will have different needs based on age and how the property was cared for in the past; however, every PM/O will receive from Constant Bids a report that shares the overall use of the service. This way you can confirm how many priority vendors were referred, how many requests were made by PM/O, how many no shows there were, how many bids were accepted, how many bids were closed out and how many bids are still pending. As an owner with several properties this information can be used to compare the activity to the profitability of a specific property or portfolio. These reports are sent out biannually.

Is there a discount if I want to sign up all my properties?

Yes, please email us at [email protected] with your specific number of properties and when you are looking to start. Please note discounts are based on number of properties you have signed up.

Our Mission

Constant Bids mission and pledge to ALL of our vendors and property managers is to streamline the bidding process between vendors and multifamily industry workers/owners to SUPPORT the economic growth and regrowth of our communities.